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Amara Microfibre Velvet Plush Makeup Removal Face Washcloths

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Discover the Amara Microfibre Velvet Plush Makeup Removal Face Washcloths! These washcloths are made of ultra-soft microfibre with a velvety touch for gentle exfoliating and cleansing. With no face wash needed, just add warm water, enjoy a soft and plush cleanse that quickly dries - perfect for sensitive skin. Upgrade your facial cleansing routine with a convenient, comfortable and effective way to cleanse.
    1. Material: 100% Microfibre (80% polyester 20% polyamide)
    2. Super Plush and Soft to Touch
    3. Hypoallergenic - Suitable for All Skin Types
    4. Tear Resistant
    5. 4x Faster Dry compared to Cotton & Wool
    6. Absorb up to 8x its own weight
    7. Quick Dry & Reusable
    8. Super Absorbent
    9. No need for Cream - Just wet slightly and use gently on skin
    10. Lint free Scratch Free & Streak free wiping
  • Ultra-Absorbent & Fast Drying: This ultra-absorbent face cloths can wick moisture, trap dirt and absorb more than 7 times their weight. Leaving your skin clean, dry and soft. Super-fine microfibre is a  lightweight fabric with properties that allow them to dry 4 times quickly than cotton or wool

    Super Plush and Hypo-allergenic - can be used by the whole family including children

    Lightweight, super soft and tear-resistant strength; easy cleaning and durable for daily use

  • Easy to Care: Machine washable, do not bleach, wash with like colors. Free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials, safe for you & your family

    Do not touch high temperature surfaces such as ovens and stoves to avoid damaging or burning holes.

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